Introducing Environmental Working Group

The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose mission is to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. The organization aims to drive consumer choice and civic action with breakthrough research and education.

Impact of Mentorship

New Media Mentors' work with EWG focused on building the organization’s online impact by digging into how they could use strategic planning for their digital work including all of their websites. The process helped the organization break down silos internally and solicit feedback and buy-in on strategy from multiple departments. In the end, our work together made a smart and powerful organization even more effective.

How We Got There

Our New Media Assessment, which we conduct at the start of the mentorship, revealed that the EWG staff hadn’t formally mapped out a plan for how to use online tools to achieve the organization’s goals. Because of this, we decided to focus our time together on developing strategic planning processes, including using our campaign planning template and Roadmap outline to determine the goals and direction of their work.

Learning modules included:

  • Campaign planning
  • New Media Roadmap
  • Measurement
  • Google Analytics

As a result of the mentorship, EWG now successfully plans their campaigns and measures success – using New Media Mentors' campaign planning tool for all of their campaigns. The work together has had a long and lasting impact.

The mentorship was invaluable to our online team. EWG went into this mentorship looking for better ways to plan our campaigns, set goals and measure success. Working with New Media Mentors has helped us define a much clearer path for long term growth and success.
— Colleen Hutchings, Jocelyn Lyle, Christina Frenzel, Environmental Working Group

Banner image courtesy of Erik Dungan.