Online Organizing & The Ladder of Engagement

The Ladder of Engagement is how organizations move people from passively reading their messages towards taking more and more meaningful action. It's how you move your members or constituencies from just clicking to sign a petition to attending a rally and beyond. The Ladder of Engagement is key to building your organization’s online-to-offline power.

In this project-focused digital course, we breakdown how to:

  • Foster online growth and develop activist leadership

  • Breaking the barriers between online and offline organizing

  • Develop a meaningful definition of “engagement,” and a system for measuring it

  • Outline and design your own ladder of engagement

  • Integrate the ladder of engagement into the organizing you do every day

Workshops Topics:
Intro to Ladder of Engagement & Designing Your Own Ladder
Audience Segmentation, Assessing Your Audience & Designing Actions
Moving Supporters Up The Ladder & Evaluating Over Time

The course also includes three 60-minute 1:1 sessions with a mentor, to be scheduled by the student (instructions will follow registration).

Eligibility: We work with a broad range of groups fighting to make the world a more equal, fair and just place. On rare occasion we may have a conflict of interest that might prevent us from working together. We will also screen applicants to make sure this content is a good match for each student's skill level.

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