Announcing The Digital Academy!

We are excited to kick off 2017 by announcing the launch of the New Media Mentors Digital Academy!

Starting this winter, New Media Mentors will offer master classes on digital skills and best practices. Our learn-by-doing model is a robust professional development program for online organizers and digital professionals. New Media Mentors pairs workshops with one-on-one mentoring sessions that apply learning directly to live projects going on in the participant's work.

Our sessions for the Winter courses include:

Digital Advocacy and Engagement - it’s time to renovate the tools we use to build leaders and engage with supporters and members at a time when digital and legislative advocacy and mobilization is critical.
Workshops begin Tuesday, 2/14 at 2pm ET and run until Tuesday, 3/7 at 3pm ET.

Digital Fundamentals and Best Practices - designed to give campaigners a solid foundation for digital organizing, encompassing best practices on using email, Facebook, Twitter and their website.
Workshops begin Tuesday, 3/28 at 2pm ET and run until Tuesday, 4/18 at 3pm ET.

Digital Fundraising - Raise more money for your organization and turbo charge your fundraising plans by implementing better testing, segmentation and optimization.
Workshops begin Tuesday, 4/25 at 2pm ET and run until Tuesday, 5/16 at 3pm ET.

Digital Leadership - Support junior and mid level professionals in becoming digital leaders by learning the basics of program measurement and evaluation, which will allow them to tell the story of the value they create and deliver with digital mobilization.
Workshops begin Tuesday, 5/23 at 2pm ET and run until Tuesday, 6/13 at 3pm ET.

Each course includes 3 hour-long workshops, supported by 3 mentorship hours. Classes begin in February, and seating for classes is limited, and all work is done virtually.

With so much at stake this year, we look forward to getting to work in 2017!