Introducing Maine People's Alliance

MPA's purpose is to bring individuals and organizations together to realize shared goals. The organization focuses on leadership development to increase the number of citizen leaders prepared to work for positive social change.

Impact of Mentorship

New Media Mentors' work with MPA focused on refining the use of testing and segmentation in their online work, culminating in one of the most successful petitions the MPA has run in years. The mentorship also helped support MPA staff to include social media planning as a fully integrated part of communications work.

How We Got There

New Media Mentors worked with MPA to:

Support an expanded culture of testing
Adoption of A/B testing became a new routine part of MPA's weekly communication meeting, which also helped strengthen internal planning.  MPA also used segmentation and analysis to revive parts of their email list. MPA further enhanced their testing of subject headers in their email program which helped increase action rates of their members, specifically around a Valentines' Day direct action on the tipped wage in Maine.

Design successful online campaigns
MPA collected more than 1,000 petition signatures  in just a few days to urge Senator Angus King to vote against a bill that would have weakened and delayed federal consumer protections against predatory payday lending. The campaign also included a thorough cross-channel plan where email pushed members to take action via social media and the web. MPA was able to track online behavior, which helped build a clearer picture of members’ digital movements, including email, social media and web action as they were being mobilized to sign the petition. 

Overall, MPA emerged from the mentorship with a deepened level of expertise in online organizing best practices and a strengthened and integrated use of digital platforms to do the important work of mobilizing their members.

Our work together included the following learning modules included:

  • Social Media Best Practices

  • A/B Testing

  • Segmentation and Measurement

  • Ladder of engagement

  • List building

  • Campaign planning

  • New Media Roadmap

This mentorship has opened up new ways for our organization to engage our members and move them to action. We’re learning to incorporate these strategies into our campaigns and adopt a culture of measurement, enabling better understanding of what works and what doesn’t.
— Andrew Francis, Maine People's Alliance

Banner image courtesy of Maine People's Alliance.