The New Media Mentors Digital Academy is a program designed to address the needs of organizations with varying budgets, experience and capacity. The Academy covers the most important aspects of successful digital campaigns, based on our experience in the field.

The program is based on the principle that using new media such as email, social media and social action technology effectively is key to an organization’s success both on and offline. New Media Mentors' “learning by doing” model insures the adoption of new knowledge and skills.

The Academy is comprised of three one hour courses. Each course includes:

  • Three live interactive group webinar workshops.
  • Three additional 1 on 1 one hour mentoring sessions.
  • Downloadable worksheets and templates.

Upcoming 2017 Courses

    Digital Advocacy & Ladder of Engagement

    Registration is limited to 6 participants. Register today!

    1-2:30pm Eastern on November 28, December 5 & 12 (participation is required on each date).

    The Ladder of Engagement is how organizations move people from passively reading their messages towards taking more and more meaningful action. It's how you move your members or constituencies from just clicking to sign a petition to attending a rally or more. The Ladder of Engagement is key to building your organization’s online-to-offline power.

    • Foster online growth and develop offline leadership
    • Develop a meaningful definition of “engagement,” and a system for measuring it
    • Outline and operationalize your own ladder of engagement
    • Integrate the ladder of engagement into the organizing you do every day

    Additional offerings are being scheduled for 2018.

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      Past courses include:

      Digital Fundamentals & Best Practices.

      This course is designed to give campaigners a solid foundation for digital organizing, encompassing best practices for using email, Facebook, Twitter and websites for digital mobilization. In this course, we review how to:

      • Get the most out of building and segmenting email lists, and boost action rates with techniques like simple A/B testing
      • Review the latest smart tactics for optimizing organic reach on Facebook, as well as paid reach options
      • Learn time-saving methods to turbo charge Twitter use, as well as demystify Twitter Analytics
      • Examine fundamental ways to increase Search Engine Optimization and strengthen landing pages for your website
      • Bring all elements together in a comprehensive, cross-channel approach that amplifies each platform

        Digital Leadership

        This course is designed to turn digital campaigners into digital leaders. In this digital course we break down how to:

        • Develop a strategy to ensure that your digital work is aligned with your organization’s goals
        • Build measures and metrics to help you evaluate your work
        • Be accountable to executives and tell the story of your work in a way that resonates with them
        • Evaluate and justify your budget to superiors
        • Use ROI to evaluate paid list growth, advertising, etc.
        • Structure an online team to maximize your organization’s success


          Digital Fundraising

          Every group needs to find the resources to be sustainable. This course is designed to make fundraising programs more robust.  In this digital course we break-down how to:

          • Plan for online fundraising, including developing goals and writing a fundraising plan
          • Figure out which tactics are right for your organization, and examine both proven and experimental options
          • Squeeze every dollar possible out of your campaigns, using best practices, segmentation, a/b testing and tracking

          Group Workshops

          Each Digital Academy course includes three interactive 60-minute group workshops. Group workshops are scheduled for specific dates, but recordings will be made available to students who aren't able to make it to the live session(s).

          1:1 Mentoring

          Each course includes three 50-minute 1:1 sessions with a mentor. This is an opportunity to connect with a mentor via video chat and get feedback, ask questions, etc. We recommend that students schedule their 1:1 sessions within a few days of the group sessions (and before the next group session).

          Downloadable Tools

          Each course includes downloadable tools designed to make it easier for students to implement what they've learned.