"Digital Fundamentals has allowed us to be more strategic and intentional with the work we do and create systems for maintaining a digital presence without a dedicated staffer. The practical tools and worksheets gave us a place to start building our plan. I really valued the 1:1 time. It gave me the opportunity to talk about what would work for Wisconsin Progress." 

—Ann DeGarmo, Wisconsin Progress

"Our organization is much better equipped to activate people online to take action as a result of New Media Mentors. Our social media presence has become much more focused and effective, and our emails have incorporated best practices. We have also been able to incorporate some of the lessons from the e-appeal training and we are having our best online fundraising year ever so far." 
—Kerry McHugh, Washington Environmental Council

"The mentorship was invaluable to our online team. EWG went into this mentorship looking for better ways to plan our campaigns, set goals and measure success. Working with New Media Mentors has helped us define a much clearer path for long term growth and success."
—Colleen Hutchings, Jocelyn Lyle, Christina Frenzel, Environmental Working Group

"The mentorship changed the way we plan for new media work so that at any given moment, I can be clear that what I’m doing is bringing us closer to our short-term and long-term goals. The work we did as part of our campaign to raise the minimum wage helped us plan strategically so that we knew we were using our time and resources to engage our members in the most effective way possible."
—Jane Booth-Tobin, TakeAction Minnesota

"New Media Mentors helped us shift our approach to new media as an organization. The mentorship gave us the push, capacity, and perspective to integrate new media strategy into our organizational strategy. It also allowed us to experiment and invest in new approaches that have the potential to dramatically increase the impact of almost every aspect of our program work."
—Jill Marcellus, Gay-Straight Alliance Network

"We now have tools that work for us! We went from haphazardly doing things to now being able to say, 'This is what we do, this is who does what, this is how we do it well, this is what we don’t do.' We have it clearly written down in our social media policy, our online push and rapid response plans – and the new media road map to guide us into the future. All of this, layered on top of our traditional on the ground base, will help us win our campaigns."
—Claire Haas, Alliance of Californians for
Community Empowerment

"Participating in the new media mentorship provided us with the technical training and strategic tools to take our organization’s online presence to the next level. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and accessible, and tailors the program to meet each organization’s needs. We now have a strategic roadmap in place and are smarter about testing, segmenting our list, and tracking meaningful metrics."
—Sara Knight, Pesticide Action Network

"Thanks to the New Media Mentors program I am more knowledgeable about the digital aspect of my job. I am able to analyze data to capitalize on what’s working and eliminate what’s not working. In addition, senior leaders are now using the roadmap to plan campaigns. The entire staff is more aware of how our enhanced digital capabilities can drive our campaigns."
—Rosalind Brazel, Washington Community Action

"The mentorship has made strategic planning more constant across each issue, allowing us to plan campaigns better, and with greater knowledge on what tools we should use for each project. We have seen great growth in our email list and brought in more money. All in all, we’re saving time and having a greater impact! Thank you!"
—Emily Harmon, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

"Green Corps is committed to incorporating the knowledge gained from New Media Mentors into all aspects of our work because we know we’ll be even more effective in implementing our mission."
—Josh Buswell-Charkow, Green Corps


Images courtesy of the mentees noted above, and Erik Dungan (carrots).