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Interactive Tools

Interactive Tools

A/B Testing Tool

If you're looking for an A/B testing tool for nonprofits and change-makers that’s simple to use, you're in the right place. For many, the biggest barrier to testing is ensuring that results are statistically significant. We’ve broken down the testing process into easy steps, and developed sample size and significance checking tools that are easy to use. Learn more.

Downloadable Tools

Downloadable tools

Email Development Template

This template makes it easy to get organized and ensure that every email is strategic and well thought out. Use this simple form when you're developing an email campaign to gather key information efficiently, get staff on the same page, boost response rates and more.


Mapping Story Archetypes

Story mapping tool developed with our friends at Center for Story-Based Strategy to help organizers understand what sort of stories will mobilize their audience. This mapping tool will help you reflect on narrative archetypes, like Overcoming the Monster, Satire or Quest and then connect them to the pop culture stories your audiences love.



Fundraising Template

Want to raise more money with your next fundraising campaign?  Campaigns that are well thought out are easier to manage and earn more. Use this template to map out your next campaign upfront.



Campaign Planning Template

One of the secrets to winning the internet is thinking ahead. Planning, that is strategic and well thought out, can super-charge your campaigns. It can also help get your whole team on the same page, and insure you’re reflecting on results and tracking what you’re learning over time. Our Campaign Planning template makes planning easy.



Ladder of Engagement Worksheet

The Ladder of Engagement helps you cultivate supporters of your organization by consciously leading them through a set of actions. This set of actions (up the ladder, if you will) supports people in taking increasingly challenging actions, which empowers them to take ownership and become leaders. Check out our Ladder of Engagement worksheet.

Free Webinars

Free Webinars

There are currently no free webinars scheduled. Past webinars include:

Webinar: Intro to A/B Testing

Are you curious about A/B testing but not sure where to start? We'll break it all down for you in this free 60-minute webinar. ShareProgress CEO Jim Pugh will talk about how your organization can benefit from A/B testing and integrate it into your organization's culture. Then, our own Melissa Foley will walk you through how to use New Media Mentors' new A/B Testing Tool to verify that your test results are statistically significant - even (especially!) if you're not a math person.