Digital Fundamentals & Best Practices

What every organizer and communicator Needs to know

This course is designed to give campaigners a solid foundation for digital organizing, encompassing best practices for using email, Facebook, Twitter and websites for digital mobilization. In this course, we’ll review how to:

  • Get the most out of building and segmenting email lists, and boost action rates with techniques like simple A/B testing
  • Review the latest smart tactics for optimizing organic reach on Facebook, as well as paid reach options
  • Learn time-saving methods to turbo charge Twitter use, as well as demystify Twitter Analytics
  • Examine fundamental ways to increase Search Engine Optimization and strengthen landing pages for your website
  • Bring all elements together in a comprehensive, cross-channel approach that amplifies each platform

Digital Fundamentals Webinar Topics

  • Email Best Practices & A/B Testing
  • Social Media Best Practices & Advanced Organizing Techniques
  • Facebook Ads, SEO & Cross-Channel Approach

The course also includes three 60-minute 1:1 sessions with a mentor, to be scheduled by the student (instructions will follow registration).

Eligibility: We work with a broad range of groups fighting to make the world a more equal, fair and just place. On rare occasion we may have a conflict of interest that might prevent us from working together.

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